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  • Missing Features

    Hey guys,
    for me it looks like there are a few features which were forgotten to implement on the merged server.
    • You can't edit catchphrases for your tag team and stable
    • Missing textphrase at the end of tag team title matches
    • Stable leaders aren't able to kick inactive players out of their stable
    • You cant see the exactly progess of specializations (matches left to fight) like it is regulated at matchspecializations
    • You cant reset the private gym
    • No possibility to rename your tag team and stable
    • No possibility to reset your learned matchtypes
    • A symbol on the ranking page doesn't have any function
    • You can't see which federation belongs to which general manager
    • You are not able to track the conditions of unlocked achievements
    • You can't see, who has the WGC title
    • No Blacklist
    • No notification of tag team title wins in the chat
    • A list of all staff members splitted by language
    • The searchfunction in the arena doesn't work practicable if you don't know the exactly name
    • No federation affiliation on wrestler profiles
    • You can't create your own storylines
    • You cant sort shows by federation
    • Missing 'title match' note on reports
    If some points weren't supposed to be implemented, you can see them as improvement suggestions!