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  • Banned: Fat Maxo

    Hello everyone,

    It has been known since the first days of TWG that the game staff was selected from regular players who exhibited good behaviour and chat and who do get along with most of their peers in the game. Our volunteer staff members are important to us. They invest a lot of time to keep order in chat, and help new players understand the game and find their way around it.

    We do tolerate a lot of shady behaviour in the game, but when a player intentionally starts harrassing fellow members in public and private, that's where we draw the line.

    What I am getting at is: Fat Maxo had a history of chat and PM harrassement accusations filed against him from different players, and fortunately for him, those accusations were never backed by screenshots.
    Until recent events occured, where he felt the need to argue the manager rulings in public which is against the chat rules, then instigate him because he was denied becoming a helper, and finally acting borderline disrespectful and directly insulting him when he was asked to stop or we'll have to resort to harsher measures.

    It is never our intention to deny players their wrestlers especially those who put a lot of time and work into them, but there is an order in the game that we must preserve, and when someone decides to intentionally be a negative influence on our community, we'll always step in to restore the order and keep the game a friendly place for everyone who just wants to play in a hassle-free and friendly environment.