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  • Special Tournaments Rework

    Hello everyone,

    It's not a secret that the current special tournament system is not as attractive as it used to be before private leagues were introduced. And given that private leagues are a hit among players, this decision was bound to be made or else special tournaments will keep on fading with every new feature until they become completely dead.

    With that being said, we are introducing a new special tournaments system to liven those up, and add more value to the game's competitive side.

    Special tournaments rework will be like the following:

    - Each level will have one special tournament at a time. These special tournamenst will have 64 spots and the entry fee will consist of 1TP only.

    - Full special tournaments will run every 6 hours, and will take another 6 hours to finish (One turn per hour). Meaning, we can have 4 special tournaments a day if they get filled in time.

    - Special tournaments that are not complete, will have bots to fill the empty spots, and will run 24 hours after they open. (These special tournaments will require a minimum of 32 users to start)

    - Each turn will reward players of an amount of experience and fantaeuros equal to: (50 exp x your current level) and (200 FEs x your current level)

    These are all the informations I have about them at the moment, so check again later if we change anything.

    NOTICE: These rules are bound to change either upon implementation, or during balance patches until we deem them balanced.