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  • New Engine Changelog: Primary Draft

    Hi Guys,
    we updated the primary changelog for the new engine to share with users on the forum, or just with your staff on the mod/helpers board:

    New engine changes:

    I. General Changes:

    1. -The game is now in javascript and AJAX, which means you will never have to reload the page to see changes (Ex: Applying Skill points, training moves, ..etc)

    2. - real time update of wrestlers data (Meaning if you are on the skills page and a statistic just finishes upgrading, the points will get added automatically to your Skills Page without having to refresh);

    3. - Improved Achievements section, with a lot of new achievements;

    II. Wrestler:

    1. - All the updates regarding your wrestler will be displayed on a feed on mainboard (Ex: Finished timers achievements, challenges .. etc);

    2. - Top menu is global and displays all of your wrestler data (TPs, FEs, Exp, Messages, reports ... and more);

    3. - Profile Page includes an easy to read chart that compares your attributes to the wrestler you scout (P.E.S Style);

    4. - profile page has now 4 queue slots for stats;

    5. - Messages Page includes An ignore and Friends List too, so you dont have to add friends or ignore wrestlers via Arena;

    III. Energy Bar:

    The new energy bar will be used to do normal matches as well as tag and stable matches. We have not determined how much each match will cost but it is most likely going to be 2 energy charges for tag matches, and 3 for stables.

    IV. Taunts:

    taunts will become based on turns instead of seconds for more clarity, and the rewards for these taunts will be greater:
    6% of stamina and hp for 1 turn
    16% for 2 turns
    32% for 3 turns
    Initiative is the main factor to perform your taunt, but it is not the only one. Your opponent suffered position(that is the position you obtain when you hit your opponent with a move), your and your opponent's HP and stamina also have a role in deciding if your taunt will succeed.
    Also, your taunt progress will no longer decrease your executions time, but instead it will increase your gains.

    V. Moves & Matches:

    1. - Moves Section is now a one-Page-Does-it-all, where you can buy, train, enable and disable your moves;

    2. - Levelling moves will is now in prorata meaning (If your move has alread 50% progress from matches, you can level up the missing 50% paying half the price and timer);

    3. - Arena allows tag and stable matches too. You can challenge anyone to a stable match, and their whole team will be involved;

    4. - You will be able to choose a third person for a tripple threat match (Currently disabled: 3rd wrestler is randomized) ;

    5. - reports section now includes Stables too, and you can sort it by Single, tag or stable reports;

    6. - Completely new messaging System (Facebook Style);

    7. - messaging system supports Group chats now (Currently disabled);

    8. - titan tron added before the match (useful for Feds generally);

    *** New Match Engine Features ***

    I. - Match Updates:

    - Matches are now divided by turns and 1 turn allows one action per wrestler, so in a match that involves 5 wrestlers, you will get 5 actions per turn. Actions do not mean move executions strictly. You can use your action to execute a taunt, get back into position if you are on the ground or stunned, get out of the ring or get back into the ring ... etc
    Also throwing you opponent out of the ring can give you a break to catch your breath and regain 5% stamina.

    - Matches can end in Count outs during regular One Fall matches if you don't get back into the ring in time

    - New engine supports any match up (2v3, 6v1v2, 4v4v4v4 ... etc)

    - Stunned position is now based on the wrestler status (Stamina + HP) so a wrestler who has no Stamina and Health points will be exposed more often to stuns

    - When wrestlers are out of Stamina, Instead of going into negative and still fighting, they will take the turn to regain stamina (Meaning he wont be able to perform any moves)

    - Multiple Pin support (ie: Abdel can pin Maxo, and then Desmond jumps over them to help Pin Maxo, and another wrestler does the same ... etc)

    II. - Damage:

    DDI and DR interact very differently from the current system. To put it in simple words, DDI and DR divergence will have a lesser impact on the damage output which mainly levels up the playing field between new comers and the rest of the players.

    III. - Pin & Pin Opposition:

    First of all, on team matches (especially tornado matches, and rumbles) multiple wrestlers can pin the same opponent which helps stack their pin bonus to keep him down.
    On the patch side, We have made the pin sskill stronger to allow speed wrestlers to pin their opponents early on the match if they have a big pin bonus(Pins in green can be possible but they will be very hard to pull off). As pin got stronger, its counterpart got stronger too, so in order to counter a pin build, you must have enough pin opposition.

    IV. - Initiative:

    Initiative reworked, and has a very important role in 3+ way matches, because the wrestler with the highest initiative roll attacks first, while the attacked wrestler loses his turn (meaning he takes the hit and does nothing);

    V. Tag Team and Stable:

    1. - Teams (tag and stable) can have their own "currency", like exp to buy tag ATs (currenty disabled);

    2. - Tag Teams can fight in Special matches too such as First blood, Ultimate submission .. etc;

    3. - During Team matches, wrestlers who gets tagged to the corner will use the break to regain stamina;

    4. - Partners can interrupt you during a tag match in two different ways:

    1) Minor: Where the partner enters quick to break a pin or Sub
    2) Major: Where the partner stays in to help wear off the opponent turning the match into a 2v1 (This can lead to a DQ);

    VI. Referee interactions:

    1. - Wrestlers can now interact with referees, which allows them to distract him during tag matches to give their tag partners more time to break a pin or a submission maneuver or even cheat.

    2. - Disqualifications are possible now if you get caught using a weapon on a regular match, or if you get too many warnings for interfering when it is not your turn.

    3. - Referees will also have a statistic called "Severity" that will determine how tolerant a referee is, so with high severity there will be no room for cheating.

    4. - Referees can get K.Oed if they get hit during a match;

    Follow the latest discussions right here:

    P.S: We will keep you updated with the latest news, whenever we recieve more information from the coders!
    Last edited by Desmond; 03-19-2015, 01:36 PM.

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    Big update - 19th March