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  • NEW EVENT: The Christmas Decorations

    Merry Christmas to the TWGers out there,

    Don't take off your attire for the holidays yet, because we have a Christmas event that you will have to participate to.
    As you will notice, in a few hours, All the supporters will have a new match type unlocked that is called "Christmas Decorations Challenge".

    This challenge is very simple, each wrestler will have a Christmas tree on their corner of the ring that they will have to finish decorating before their opponent. It is not as easy as it sounds, because your opponent will not let you get away with it that easily, and he'll use all possible means to stop you, even if that means to take off Santa's belt and beat you with it to a pulp.

    That is not all. Everyone (who have the match type) participating to the event will be granted at least one christmas gift upon participation. There is also a chance that you might get a random christmas present dropped after finishing a challenge.

    Non-supporters, Not to worry because you too will have access to the event later, so you will also have the chance to get your presents.

    Event will end on: January 7th 2015

    Finally, and on a different note. 3rd gen retirees, hang in there, because the 3rd round retirement is almost ready, and i'll be updating the world server mainboard when it is.