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  • Finishers And You! A Guide By Snapshot


    Lots of people have inquired about my immense knowledge on Finishers. It's true, I have a lot. And while the first thing I can tell you is "Make a finisher you plan on using FOREVER" many people are short sighted and fail to see the true beauty in that.

    Here's how every finisher should go.

    First, do whatever it takes to get the amount of adrenaline gain you plan on having FOREVER. This number will stick with you for eternity and should NEVER be increased. So, if you're a strength, find out what moves you'll want from Rage and then go from there. Balanced might have the hardest time with this, but AT's can certainly help.

    Ok, now you have your adrenaline. Take that number and multiply it by either...

    a) 20 (You want this to fire off two-three times a match for quick and steady growth.)
    b) 30 (You're resilient enough to make a finisher like that actually fire just due to sticking it in the battles long enough, giving you a bigger base to work with.)
    c) 25 (You're everyone else.)

    Now, make a finisher with that cost bearing in mind that...

    Pin bonus is worthless, but a pin finisher isn't. (As of this writing, they're working on making pin bonus less terrible, but until then... It's still pretty lame)
    Bleed Bonus is ONLY good if your build is devoted to bleed, or eventually will be.
    Submission Finishers are not my specialty, but it's the damage that makes them scream, and the Sub Bonus that does the excruciating/ripping/destructive stuff. (Or so I've been told, and am TOTALLY willing to alter this when presented with evidence to the contrary)
    Attack Bonus should be respectable, unless you're a strength (Or Balance) and can get away with having less
    Groggy, Stunned, Bent Down, Both When Running, and Grounded are your best positions. Probably in that order.

    Make one finisher, keep this finisher forever, and ONLY increase damage (unless it's a sub, in which case, again, it's not my forte.)


    Now, for those silly people who want to remake your finisher without using the TP reset tool...

    So, I get questions like "My finisher dropped 15 levels after I remade it. What happened?"

    First, if you're dead set on reworking your finisher, SPEND THE TP! Seriously, losing 20% of your finisher is always bad. How so? Well, let me tell you. For all examples today, I will be based on a 100 adrenaline cost finisher. Round numbers are easier to work with.

    First up, your current finisher is little more than a series of points. Each time you execute a finisher, you get credit for one execution and a secret point total is hidden away in the dark recesses of the server. I call this number "Finisher Execution Points". Here is how you determine that!

    (Cost of your finisher) x (Number of executions OF the finisher) = Finisher execution points.

    So, if I did the 100 adrenaline cost finisher 50 times, I would have 5000 Finisher Execution Points. Seems easy enough so far, right?

    100 (Cost of your finisher) x 50 (Number of Executions Of the finisher) = 5000 FEP.

    Well, as I said before, people can be short sighted and think "This finisher sucks. I want a new one!" More power to them, I suppose, but there's a cost!

    When deleting a finisher, you lose 20% of the Finisher Execution Points. So, the 5000 I have up in my previous example falls to only 4000.

    5000 FEP - 20% = 4000

    Unless you take advantage of the new "Pay 15 TP's to reset your finisher". This should give you 100% of your points back. If you're going to reset a finisher you should ONLY do it with this.

    But what happens if I make a bigger finisher, like one that costs 200 Adrenaline gain? Welcome to 5th grade algebra!

    200 (Cost of your finisher) x (Number of executions of the finisher) = 5000 FEP

    200 (cost) / 5000 FEP = 25 (Number of executions.)

    So, you dropped from a finisher having 50 executions to a larger finisher, but only with essentially 1/2 the true executions. So imagine turning a level 25 finisher into a level 12 finisher by doubling it's cost. Odds are, it's a losing proposition for you right now.

    BUT, fear not, if you're active you may actually make ground on it faster, since NOW your finisher costs more, and will earn FEP faster... assuming you plan on changing your finisher again later (Which I really hope you don't. >_
    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.