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  • A Guide to Making Money

    Topic originally by Lionman

    Being the caring person that I am (or more so a person full of himself) I decided to make a guide on how to make money in the world of TWG. No, this guide is not going to be limited to just my post, as it is not an official guide, yet. But let's get down to the point, shall we? The Wrestling Game, EoW, and S3 are about money. One might say that they have to do with exp, but how do you gain exp, by having money in entrances. Telling you that you need money obviously is not enough, I will take you through all the ways of making money, explaining why they are good, and/or bad.

    Taking Part in Normal Matches

    This is one of the ways that really does not get you much money unless you are a much higher level, but it is really the only thing that has no cons at all to it. Basically, it x is a variable for money and y is your level, then per every non invitational or fed match you wrestle in (not sure if self-made league matches give you money in this way) you gain money based on this formula: x= y + 4 (note: It may be y + 2, but where to find where this was stated the first time escapes my mind). It is that simple. A level one would make 5 FE from a match, while a level 32 would make 36 FE from a match. For the higher levels, it does not seem like much, but it does eventually add up. And like I said, there are not any cons to this way of making money for your wrestler.


    One of the greatest ways to make money on S1, though I know it is not that great on s2, and I am not sure about s3. Yes, some people give rematches for invitational challenges, which are great for EXP too, but really, money is what we are focusing on here. If you have 400 fans and the person you are challenging has 4000 fans, you will get 949 FE from that one match. Add that up and it takes less than 11 invitational matches to get an entrance. That is less than three days if you were counting. My point is, invitationals are a great way to gain EXP and to gain very good money. I know that the less fans you have the less money you will get, and not that many people have 4000 fans, but you still gain good money from these. (**Note: Though some people say so, invitationals do not give you fans, nor have they ever given you fans**)

    Special Tournaments

    The old way of making great money. Yes, it costs you tournament points to get into these, but you automatically gain money from entering these. After a certain level, you also gain tps from winning matches in special tournaments, which helps, but not everyone is the best in their level. The TP to money ration for entering is something around 600 fe for one TP, so I would not really call this worth it, but one can make decent money off of these, especially in the lower levels. Still, this is definitely not the best way to spend your TPS. (**Note: I am ignoring regular tournaments because those are really not that great unless you win, and even then, they don't give you that much for your FE's put in)

    Stat Resets

    This is the one wild card in my mind, this is because a person can completely mess up their build with this and not have that much of a gain. Of course, if you have over one million FE to gain from this and a build completely planned out, then please, do not follow my warning, as that is a great gain. But if you have anything less than that, you can mess up greatly. A wrestler will most likely gain quite a bit of money through resets, but in reality, you have to spend a good chunk of it on moves, or else your wrestler will suck. Also, the 50 TP cost is a bit of a turnoff, but I am digressing from the topic of making money. Overall, this is just not the safest option.

    Self Made Leagues (wrestling)

    Wrestling in self made leagues is a great way to earn EXP, but unless you are the best, it is not a great way to earn money. If you are to join a 50 man ironman league and you are not one of the four best in it, you obviously will not win any money. Point being, this is not the best way to earn money for most people, but it is a great way to earn EXP.

    Self Made Leagues (creating)

    You have to be a supporter to create a self made league, but there really is no downside to it. 7500 FE for only five TPS, that is great. Five TPS takes two days with TWG Google to get. Chances are, by the time your 50 man league is filled up and run, you will have enough TPS to make another one, and so on and so forth. Generally, a good way to make money.

    Supporter Leagues

    You obviously have to be a supporter to be in these, but they still are a good constant source of income/exp. In any league under league 10, you get only 50 FE a match, not great, but still something. Any league 10 and up, you make a certain amount more that I really am not sure of. Also, finishing in the top five of any of those leagues makes you some money, I believe. Overall, if you are a supporter, this is a way to make money without even thinking about it (except when you see the supporter cost on your credit card bill).


    Clearly the best way to make money. You give a RP, you get in the show, you make money. Simple as that, there is also merchandise (the higher your percentage the more you will get from what you sold), but that really depends on your match performance, how many fans you have, and the others in the show. Clearly the more the show makes the more you make, but you can only gain from federations. That is why one should no matter what be in them.

    Thank you for reading, and remember: FE's make TWG go round. If you have anything to add then I would assume that you can just post it at the bottom.
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