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  • Skill and Statistics chart and Advanced Technique chart

    Don't know if anyone will find these helpful, I used to have them on my profile on Worlds Server but hasn't linked them back yet, I used to get a fair few views on them
    This is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format of a chart showing how many "skill" points you get when a statistic levels up, in a class, non class, or balanced statistic. It also has a table for showing how many skill points various levels of each skill require (for example, if you wanted to know exactly how many skill points you needed to increase rage to 40) I made it mainly to help when planning move based builds and stat resets :)
    This is yet another Advanced Techniques chart, I play mainly on World Server now, so it's correct for that server and I can't remember if the AT gains change on different servers! Its basically a "standard" AT chart, but in a nice downloadable PDF format that anyone should be able to read easily

    You can view these online or download them to pretty much any device to view them :) All you need is a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat reader so feel free to use and enjoy!
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