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  • Official List : Submission Injury Tier List

    Cut >> Bleeding >> Busted Wide Open >> Crimson Mask >> Knocked Out Cold

    Submission Damage:
    Screaming in Pain >> Slightly Injured >> Seriously Injured >> Seems Unable to Continue the Match >> Forfeit Match Due to Injury

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    ADDENDUM: I tried to edit the title of this topic from Question to "Official List" and it kept coming up with an error saying "Exceeded Time Limit for editing title of this topic". That's kind of odd considering I just posted the question part of it like 5 minutes before finding out the answer from helpful game chat and then editing the post again. :/


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    Do you know how damage for submissions works compares to the regular damage chart?

    Like is agonizing the same as landing a mortal damage move according to the regular damage chart?


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      Sub damage is supposed to work like regular damage. IE:

      Damage levels 0-19: light 20-39: strong 40-64: violent 65-79: powerful 80-199: Fantastic 200-299: Incredible 300-399: devastating 400-499: Extreme 500-599: Mortal 600-699: Extraordinary 700-799: HardCore 800-899: Heroic 900-999: Invincible 1000-2999: LEGENDARY 3000+: ULTIMATE

      Subs: Weak>>>Ruthless>>>Agonizing>>>Excruciating>>>Ripping>Destructi ve!
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        First off thanks for the response.

        I have another question about it, are those as far as the damage chart for subs go, and do you know the damage values for them?

        Thanks again, and sorry for asking so many questions. :)


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          Ah ok, that certainly helps, thanks a lot.


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            Hold strength can be increased by Submission Bonus.

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