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  • Taekwondo

    hi im a guy who does taekwondo a yellow belter and i still feel like im still a white one can someone tell me a training routine in weekends and tell me ur opinions about my routine (1.)jogs everyday for 1 hour (2.) for 4 days im again starting to train my self like a white belter again and in those 4 days im practicing the outside/inside block,outside forearm block and knife hand block bcoz i see them effective outside the gym/dojo or studio especially in a fight (3.)after the 4 days im gonna try to do the correct body mechanics of 45 degree kick (simple and first kick of taekwondo) roundhouse,side ,spinning side,axe and the tornado kick im trying to practice again and i will do this in like 4-7 days (4.) do all of it again but do them in 1 day then after that do some shadow sparring. Well is my routine good? well if it wasnt then tell me what i should do and what is wrong of what i am doing,btw i try to do the correct body mechanics again bcoz i always run out of balance when i punch and attempt a spinning side,and i started taekwondo in april 2013 and became yellow in may.Can someone tell me some great fist techniques i can use so i can balance out taekwondo so i can execute great fist and leg techniques :)
    Can i have responses?

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    Your Master will know what he's looking for from you. Your first point of contact should always be him.