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  • General Game Play: Tips & Tricks!

    This guide was created by: Mr. Magic

    I have been here for a long time now and there are enough tricks i have learnt... thought i would share them with you to help you out (im nice like that) add some of your own tricks if you wish

    Trick 1:Over Taunting

    Biggest Mistake people make in this game is having 3 taunts activated at the same time. a really good trick is to have 1 taunt activated and let all the leveling go on the 1 taunt and not the 3. you still hit the taunt at the same rate as you would if you had 3 taunts, it just upgrades the 1 taunt. in months time you will thank me for this trick

    Trick 2:Lightness

    This is one of the only stats that you can not advance with either special abilities or advanced techniques. upgrade this stat whenever you can and dont ever underestimate it having 50% damage reducer is the same as having double the stamina and we know how cruicial stamina can be *this stat does decrease thoughout the match*

    Trick 3:Level champion before master

    There is no real benefit of you leveling up as quickly as possable and you will only find yourself unhappy with being stuck as the jobber of a level, a good trick i have learnt is to make sure you are able to beat the level champion first before you can beat the master... this way you have even better palmares and have more to impress GMs... Not that GM's always care about those...

    Trick 4: Attack bonus on finishers

    Having a little attack bonus on finishers means you're going to miss with them, but having too much will make your finisher cost more. What do you do? Get a number you feel comfortable with and add your own personal attack bonus later on if you start to miss more and more. Unstoppable Blow from the Strength class, the Increased Attack advanced technique and/or the special ability for increased attack bonus are much better to increase than the attack bonus of the finisher itself.

    Trick 5:useless stats

    controversial i am sure but there are stats out there that dont have any real effect on your wrestler at all... such stats include pinning resistance and pinning bonus (im sure it is debatable) also when your initiative is past level 15 it is not worth really focusing on it as it is not that good of a stat (imho) focus on the key stats of the game like toughness

    Trick 6:Buy Supporter

    There are a few people that have made this game without supporter at all but very little, you must get at least 2.5x more challenges when you are a supporter and you also get to scout the stats of people who are non supporters you get to cue stats and training times and it is worth the money.

    Trick 7:Either Dodge Or Block

    I dont know the exact logic in this but it has worked ever since i used this trick. there is more a benefit having 40 dodge and 0 block then having 20 dodge and 20 block. save those ability points for other things and concerntrate on 1 stat not 2.

    Trick 8:Find a trading partner

    look for someone to swap matches with as you get 2x as many matches if you find the right person... this means quicker finisher level ups, quicker move level up and ever such slight more money and xp. Chat is an excellent place to find these people, and maybe make a few friends on the side.

    Trick 9:Finisher Focus

    when your finisher does level it is a silly idea to upgrade different parts of it, what i mean by this is you either focus on damage, attack bonus or pinning/bleeding/submission bonus. this is a trick you will either have to believe me on or dont

    Trick 10:Trademark moves

    I'm Not sure if it is something you have noticed or not but Grounded trademarked moves level alot quicker then any other. a very good trick is to train a grounded trademark up to about level 23 and then swap it for a very powerful other move, the new move is then trademark level 20 and more leathal. then what you do is train up another grounded trademark and do the exact same thing again... you end up with 2 moves that have been been benefitted by grounded trademarks and a free slot for another move....

    I hope you have found these Tricks helpful and also hope you have agreed with me on these. please feel free to add opinions or extra tricks

    Mad Mac/Magic