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  • Dodge Block RNG Spreadsheet

    I've been looking at Dodge-Block for quite a while now. It started with me trying to find some concrete factual evidence that Specializing in Dodge or Block is better then putting points into both of them at the same time.

    I've managed to make a Spreadsheet which calculates the % Chance that a Player has to Block the Attack, Dodge the Attack and Overall Avoid the Attack based on each wrestlers respective Attack Bonus, Their Dodge Skill, and their Block Skill taking into account the Check system with its Random Number Generator system 0E&usp=sharing

    Just download it as an xlsx. Should be good

    Note: Only edit the Dodge/Block/AB Figures at the top. If you can figure out a better formula/equation, feel free to change the other boxes too.

    2ndNote: This Spreadsheet counts a Tie (Both Wrestlers generating the Same Number) as a win for the Attacking Wrestler. Can Anyone Clarify?


    This can also be used to see the chance that one of your attacks will get through.

    If you want to calculate this down to moves, I.e you are going an AB Based Moveset (For some Reason or Another), you just add the Attack Bonus of the Move onto your Attack Bonus Skill and use that number instead of your flat AB

    Have Fun :)

    ​Feel Free to ask me any Questions if you have any issues. I'll try my best to help you :)
    Mad Dragon ~ Server 1 ~ Level 14 ~ Speed

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    I don't seem to be able type on the excel is it locked ?