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  • Build Guide - All Round

    Just Posting Something I decided to keep that I saw posted on the Old Forums. All Credit goes to Madam Snapshot =D

    1) No matter what your class, no matter what your game plan, *ALWAYS* spend the first few days working your strength up to at least 15 for the adrenaline, and put those points all into Rage. Your finisher will be with you for all eternity, and there should be no reason to make more than one or remake this one. Seriously. Only make and keep a single finisher, regardless of your love of targets.

    2) Think about what sort of offense you're going to have, and run it to the hilt. If you plan on hitting big damaging moves, work on DDI and ignore bleed moves and submissions. Want to do bleed moves? Ignore any move that doesn't have bleed in it and go for it. Submissions? I just said take the ones you can and go for Submission Bonus and Submission Damage Increaser.

    3) Streamline your moves. Never have more than three in any position. Period.

    4) Ironman or Ultimate Submission matches should be rushed for. Move executions are FAR MORE AWESOME than you realize as you level up. Also, they make you popular to fight against assuming you... a) Don't fight the same one guy over and over without him wanting you to and b) you aren't a complete ass about it. If you find someone to trade with, that's awesome. If not, no worries, people are out there who will be compelled to face you.

    5) Stats are arbitrary. Ignore them except for unlocking moves. Early in your career here, you'll be irritated and frustrated. You may even consider restarting as your defenses and offenses haven't kicked in yet, and people are +30 to you. This is important. You need to have patience and power through this rough time. If you're a resist, this part is easy. If you're a balance, fairly easy. Strengths have the hardest time here, and this is when they usually restart. I cannot stress enough how good your strength will be if you dash into your finisher, and then straight into your moves.

    6) When you get enough XP to buy AT's, you can (and should) start with Increased Resistance (Stamina) and ***EITHER*** Block or Dodge (or DR if you're a resist). Level them evenly until they're both about level 10 or so. This will give a nice cushion for defense and stamina, and allow you to do what you do best at this point. And that thing is murder people. If you're a speed or a tech, odds are that there are moves that you will want that use block or dodge. Enjoy the added evasion. Balance? Choose block. There's great places to put points in your speed stat such as Frenzied Urge and Lightness, preferably in that order. More attacks are great, and lightness is a highly lauded skill. (Look it up. It's a real word.)

    7) If you want to be truly successful here, expect to be here a lot. Hop on chat, get to know people. They might surprise you. Ask questions, but if any of the answers are "get pin bonus" or "pin resistance", ignore them. They're trying to screw with you. Seriously.
    Mad Dragon ~ Server 1 ~ Level 14 ~ Speed