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  • Low lvl guide - Not all done.

    Hey everyone.

    So I am Patt Patterson on the world server for those that dont know me, I have gone by the name P a t t aswell before.
    I am writing this guide to help out new players aswell as the players that might have forgotten some of the stuff that are just now coming back to the game.

    So the first thing u do when u start the game is to pick ur class.
    That class will let u down a path like no other, I will be talking about my own class just as exemple.
    My class is Strength atleast for now.

    So during this guide I will be explaining key words like [Experience] ( Experience is something u gain by having matches, during a match against a opponent you get experience for variation of moves, match duration and so on that is summarized up in the end of the match. Experience is used to buy Advanced tactics or ATs as they are called. ATs are an extra way of getting some boost to ur stats besides the stats update that u lvl up with the timer. So experience is very very important in this game the more matches u can do and get a day the more exp u will get, which means u will be able to get more AT --> More stats --> Stronger wrestler. Lose or Win, doesnt matter aslong as ur exp is dropping in :P

    That is point number 1:

    Always try to keep doing matches, u can let them stack than use them or just use them while they come of the timer it doesnt matter as long as u do use them.
    You can always get a [trading partner] (trading partner is a person u agree with that ur gonna exchange matches with to gain more exp per day. usually u agree upon a set number of matches each and the trader is usually around ur lvl.. at low lvl it can be hard to have a good trader since u can level apart easily.)

    Level 1 - 4

    Here is one thing I would like you to keep track off, please do keep track of how much money you have.. Because it may feel like a 150 k is alot but it runs out pretty fast when u lvl stats and so on. so when ur starting to run out of money be sure to lvl up atleast untill u get to lvl 4 because in level 4 you [Personal trainer] (which is a easy way to earn money, you pick a set amount of matches of a certain match type to do for a amount of money. For example : 7 one fall matches for 3500 fes.)

    I would recommend that u stay in your lvl aslong as you know you will have the stats to beat the lvl master to lvl up to next level when your runing out of money. Because when you level you get quite a bite of money as well. Try to pick up some level champion belts while ur at it ;)

    Now that we got that out of the way,

    Start by going in to trainer --> train moves --> grounded position

    Than you start of training a move to lvl 5 after that you go onto Gym --> Trademarks
    and you hit the [Create your trademark] button. Now you pick the move you leveled up to lvl 5 and make it your trademark.

    Dont worry .. this isnt your final trademark.
    ‚ÄčIts just for now so that you get executions on your trademark so that when you get your final trademark later on in the game .. you use 20 tps to resett this one and pick the one you want and it gains all the executions that this one earned.. and it wont start from the beginning. Reason for grounded position is that its the position that moves hit in most of the time. Now to know what move you want as your final trademark you need to make a final moveset list, which I explain later on here.

    Lets start by deciding what u wanna do from the start, either ur aiming for short plan that is to be the best that you can be in our own lvl or your aiming at being a monster later but still early in the game by going after your [final moveset] ( final moveset is the moves you want to have in each position at end game. How many moves you want in each position is your own choice but there is a up and down side to having to many or to few moves. If you have to many moves the moves will level slower since its random what move u hit in a match but you might get more exp in the matches for variety of moves and vice versa. I personally use 3-4 moves on each position which is almost minimum but I level my moves much faster and get a higher damage output on my hits than which I think more than makes up for the exp loose.

    But how do you know your final move set? its nothing that is set in stone, its a preference. First thing you have to decide is what build ur gonna have on ur wrestler which determent what moves you should get. For example as strength my choice was bleed over power moves. My focus is gonna be rather get my opponent to bleed than hit him hard. That means I want alot of moves with bleed chance. So next thing you need to do is to decide how many moves you want in each position? are you going for maxing out few moves rather than have a huge moveset and hitting less with them but getting a bit more exp?

    Than you open your notepad on ur computer or you go old school grab a pen and paper.
    Open Mainboard --> Help --> Move table

    Here you can start going position by position to decide which moves you want in each position and either copy them into notepad or write down which once u want and what stats you need to unlock the moves. Cause if your going after your final move set you should just focus the stats that give you the strongest moves as fast as possible. One thing to bare in mind is to try to get as many moves that are unlock by your own class stats since you can kill more birds with one stone and you can get to them faster. Once you got your list done go ahead and start unlocking and it really doesn't matter if u get alot of loses during ur matches, cause u will if u aren't lucky to happens to unlock all the right moves that happens to give u an excellent build as well.

    Than there is one more thing you need to decide, its about your finisher. To make a finisher and be able to hit it, those are two completely different things.
    To hit your finisher you need Adrenaline, so lets say you have a finisher that has a [AC = adrenaline cost] (the cost to hit your finisher in match) of 400. Than you take 400 / 25 = 16 which is what you need in Adrenaline gain to hit your finisher on a regular bases. You can raise your adrenaline gain by raising Rage stats in str or buy Adrenaline ATs.

    Depending when you want to start getting hits on your finisher you need to decide when your gonna level your rage to raise your Adrenaline gain or AG as its called.
    You can change it up aswell and see how AC expensive finisher your can do by just changing the formula to 25 x Your AG = the AC you can hit.

    So for now this has to be it. I will try to continue to fill this up with more information when I have time :)

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    Is this mostly written for the World Server, or can this be used across all 4 servers? I can see parts of this working for S3, but not S1 or S2 as the fe costs on those servers are different.


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      So where is the option and if it's not in when is it going to be added and why was retirements and stats loss due ti age implemented in there are parts of it not working.

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