Just Incase you need help trying to get that match u want

Just in case you go broke happen to me many of times

Have a match:
Every match you compete in, will give you 4 times your character
level in fe.
If you are lvl 1, you will get 4 fe, lvl 2 gets 8 fe, and so on.

Invitational matches:
Money from Invitational matches are based on
Fans are averaged,
your fans and your opponent's fans.
If you have 20 fans, and you fight in an invitational against
someone with 20 fans,
you will have 20 fans attended.
20^0.5(squareroot) = 4.47
15 times 4.47 = 67 fe for the invitational match.

Tag matches:
You will get 8 times single level per tag match fought:
you are level 5 you will get 8x5 = 40 FE.

Stable matches:
Stable matches depends on stable ranking,
but can be as high as 250fe/match fought.

Supporter Leagues:
Supporter leagues differ per league,
Depends in which league you are.

Level up:
Probably the easiest way to make quick fe at the beginning
of the game.
Every time you level up, you will gain 7500fe times master level.
lvl 1 = 7500, lvl 2 = 15000 so on. . .

Spend TP's:
Spending TP's for timer resets, winning elimination chambers,
Special tournaments, Normal tournamants and leagues.

Personal Trainer:
Click arena then personal trainer and Accept any of 3 matches you
wanna complete. Complete them and click Get the reward and get it.
The best way now a days to get fe's fast.
Daily wages:
Every day you will get ln(10+lvl)*800 fe simply for playing
the game.
This could be as little as 1918 fe for level 1 and
as much as 2951 fe for lvl 30.