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  • Math Guide

    Have you ever been confused about how the game works?
    With this guide you'll get an overall idea on how the game's mechanics works, that may help you decide how you're gonna develop your fighter into champion.

    In this game the randomness takes a big role.
    When the server makes a check, it will receive 2 numbers and will generate 2 random numbers being the original values the maximum they can get. In the end the server compares both values.

    Confused? Here's an easy example: Consider you and you're opponent fight for initiative (like who starts attacking first). Consider that you have an initiative (from Head Start) skill of 10 and your opponent of 5. The server will generate a random number from 0 to 10 for you. Let's say it gives you an 8 and gives your opponent a 4. Then the server compares the 2 numbers, and is your result is higher, you start first.

    Direct Damage
    The first thing that is processed when you’re going to attack your opponent is if it hits. So for the move to hit it must pass the following checks:
    AB(move)+AB(skills) vs Block
    AB(move)+AB(skills) vs Dodge
    If it passes both checks, then it calculates the damage applied:
    Dmg= AttacksDamage * (1 + DDi – DRi)

    Dmg - Damage inflicted
    AB - Atttack Bonus
    DDi - Direct Damage increaser
    DRi - Damage Resistence increaser

    Bleeding can only occur when you the attack you use have “wounding”. To have a quick approximation if the attack should “cut” your opponent, multiply the attack power, by the bleeding bonus (attack wounding + Stiff Blow skill) and then divide by the opponent’s initial HP.

    Dmg * BB / HPi

    If this value is higher the actual opponent’s HP, then it’s highly probably to deliver a cut/open bust/crimson mask/fall cold.
    If the value is lower, probably the opponent won’t receive a cut.

    BB - Bleed Bonus (skills + move)
    HPi - opponent's initial HP

    The Experience is one of the most important things you can get in TWG, sometimes even more than Fantaseuros. The experience gained after each combat depends on how many Finishers, Taunts and Trademarks moves you make, how much you gain from the entrance and how many different moves your character use.

    You'll receive yellow stars:
    - for each Finisher, Taunt and Trademark move that you make.
    - equal to the level you are.
    - proportional to your entrances levels.

    You'll also get some extra stars (probably between 0 and twice your fighter's level). It appears to be higher if you inflict much damage on your opponent and when you execute many moves.

    You can also get a 5% bonus of the Experience stars received in each match, with the price of 50 TP's.

    The stamina affects on how well your champion fights. Being low on Stamina will have a negative impact on your skills, like block, dodge or DRi.
    If your fighter has a cut, he will start loosing stamina faster than he usually does.

    According to the TWG tables the colors of the fighter means:

    100% 85% 70% 55% 40% 25% 10%
    black light green Dark Green Blue Brown Orange Red

    A fighter's color is determined by the HP and stamina he has at the moment. If he runs out of HP and has full stamina or he's healthy but has no stamina, his color will be red. That's why after inflicting much damage on a fighter(leaving him on red), he is able to make a comeback because the other fight has run out of stamina and can't defend himself properly.

    A quick approximation on how much a fighter's stamina is consumed after each move is:
    Stamina loss = 7% x Damage inflicted

    This was adapted from another topic from the previous forums. ( )

    To see if the attack hits: AB vs block/dodge, as it is with a normal attack.

    If it hits, the Damage dealt is:
    Dmg= AttacksDamage * (1 + (DDi+SDi) * 0,5 – DRi)

    To see if the submission keeps:
    Hold = SB + SBmove (+Wrestler’s Health & Stamina) vs EA

    If the opponent wins, there’s an initiative determine who is attacking. Otherwise, the damage dealt is:
    Damage = Hold * (SDi-DR)

    DDi – Direct Damage increaser
    SDi – Submission Damage increaser
    DR – Damage Resistance
    SB – Submission
    SBmove – Submission from move
    EA – Escape Artist

    Special Abilities
    You’ll hear everybody saying that the money is better spent in Entrances, as it will get you better results in the long run. And I agree with them.
    But if you still want to spend your money in these abilities, here is my tip:

    Have at least an accuracy of 5%. This represents the chances of it being activated after each movement. So if you have a 1% accuracy, it means that in a 50 moves match, it has less than 40% to activate in a match. In the other hand if you get 5%, the odds are that you get 64% chances of getting it activated in the first 20 moves, and 92% in a 50 moves match.

    n Moves 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10%
    10 10% 18% 26% 34% 40% 46% 52% 57% 61% 65%
    20 18% 33% 46% 56% 64% 71% 77% 81% 85% 88%
    50 39% 64% 78% 87% 92% 95% 97% 98% 99% 99%

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    Great work here but there are a couple of things that may need more figuring out.
    For wounding I don't think that algorithm you've used may be close to being right. I've seen people with 65k+ HP get cut in the first attack string of match off a strong attack. There's no way an attack that hits for say 100 damage.
    Also the algorithm given for sub damage is another built solely on conjecture. No one really knows how any of the codes work in the game other than maybe AB/Block, and that's still a big maybe.


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      All formulas that I displayed here are conjectures. I'm sure that the hitting probability that I've shown is also influenced by stamina, probably among other skills, but I wanted to keep it simple.

      About the wounding/bleeding, I processed many reports(levels 1 to 13) from my fighters, and the formula fitted almost all of the cuts. Probably at higher levels, let's say when the fighter is level 20+, this approximation stops being accurate.

      About the submission, I admit that I didn't make any tests. I copy-paste from the older forum, so if anyone wants to build a better approximation has somewhere to start.


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        This post is more than outdated due to the updates in the [URL=""]topic[/URL=""]. Does anyone knows where's the edit button :(
        (I think it should be next to the flag/quote/comment actions in the bottom of the text, but nothin appears to me)


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          It should be next to "flag" at the bottom of each post, if your the op
          Adrenaline Junkie (PKA The Suicidal Maniac) - World Server ><>< The Gentleman - Server 3


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            Nice work here, 1 thing I dont quite understand..

            The damage formula "Dmg= AttacksDamage * (1 + DDi – DRi)", doesn't work - well, at least, if there is more dri than ddi.. because for example, 100ddi v 101 dri, with a move at 60 damage.. would be 60 * (1+100-101) = 60 * 0 = 0.. and if dri was more than 1 above the ddi, it would produce a negative value..

            I might have misunderstood the formula, and I might be being stupid, in which case can it be re-explained please..

            Other than that, it all looks really good, and easy to follow :)


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              There are limits for it.
              On the upper limit:
              If DDi-DRi > 100, then it gets to be 100. (dealing at most double damage)
              There is a lower limit like, which I deduce to be something like:
              If DDi-DRi < -100, then it gets to be -99. (dealing 1% rounded up), though I've never seen a topic where this value was exposed.


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                Its a good representation good work Soreges.