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  • Ryder's guide to Creating and Understanding Finishers

    Welcome to this thread. If you are here you are either interested in creating a finisher, or further understanding how finishers work. Or you're here to critique and find errors :p

    *in reference to cost, it means the adrenaline cost (the total amount of adrenaline)

    Adrenaline gains as such:
    - gain the full amount of adrenaline per hit your character does to another
    - gain half the amount of adrenaline per hit your opponent does to you

    Positions of interest:

    - grounded - will hit most often and this finisher will level faster
    - groggy/bent down - hit less often than grounded but more often than the rest of the positions. It also costs less than grounded
    - stunned - hits often if you are a speed build, usually once a match and costs less than everything else
    - two wrestlers running - hits more often than people think. Once a match on average. Huge reduction in cost

    *ag - adrenaline gain. Refer to how adrenaline can be gained

    I have explained how adrenaline is gained, and what positions to choose from.

    How to increase your adrenaline gain:

    Your adrenaline gain can be found: profile >wrestler page > adrenaline gain

    - increase rage stat in stats section under strength
    - invest experience into inner rage in the Advance Techniques (AT)

    Finishers cost adrenaline. A person should average their finisher adrenaline cost based on their adrenaline gain x 20-25. This means in 20 to 25 hits (roughly) you have enough adrenaline to execute your finisher.

    From here on out I will refer to adrenaline gain as ag

    I have helped establish how to determine the adrenaline cost of your finisher (20 to 25 x ag)

    As an ex/ your adrenaline gain is 20

    You are looking for a finisher cost of: 400 to 500

    Now to create a finisher:

    1) select a position based on what you want. This refers back to the positions of interest section near the top

    2) have 10 to 20 attack bonus (ab) to help you hit your finisher. Your build will help determine if you need less or more ab. Ex/ strengths tend to have a lot of ab therefore less ab is needed.

    3) DDI put 1 in the bleeding, for Pin put 1 in pin, for Submission put 1 in submission bonus

    - this is subject to change depending on your build:
    >Bleed builds would increase the blood more than 1
    > builds that rely on pinning would increase the pin
    >the sub bonus I recommend to keep at 1. This is because submission damage increaser has been known to have a higher chance at triggering the injury sequence

    Position executed: selected
    Ab: selected
    Bleed/sb/pin: selected

    *select stunned as the forced position (position you become if you fail to hit your fin). It decreases 60 adrenaline to your overall adrenaline cost, increasing the amount of adrenaline to invest into other areas

    The remaining adrenaline cost splits into the damage.

    So ex/ 20 ag x 20 = 400
    Groggy position: 400 - 50 = 350
    Ab: 350 - (10 x 5) = 300
    Bleed/sb/pin: 300 - (1 x 10) = 290
    Forced position stunned: 290 + 60
    Adrenaline left: 350

    For an even distribution of damage, play around with damages until you reach your desired cost

    -if an even distribution is not your goal you can widen the gap and create a wider gap of damage

    21 to 21 damage would work for this example, or 14 to 31.

    We've got the created finisher out of the way, now to how to execute it more often.

    What affects finisher executions:
    - amount of normal moves that are active in the same position
    - trademarks that are also in the same position

    *moves execute randomly, a finisher only becomes capable of being executed once the required adrenaline is gained. Once it is capable of being executed it becomes one of the possible moves to be executed.

    To increase the chance reduce all other potential moves that could interfere with a finisher from being executed.

    Two examples:
    1) finisher executes in grounded
    Normal moves active in grounded: 5
    *Trademark moves active in grounded: 1

    A finisher would have a 1/7 chance of executing

    *trademarks can only be executed three times a match. Therefore 1/7 is the chance if trademarks are still viable. If not then the chances would increase to 1/6

    2) finisher executes in grounded
    Normal moves active in grounded: 3
    No trademarks for grounded

    A finisher would have a 1/4 chance of executing

    I hope this helps you with your finisher and the execution of your finisher
    Last edited by John Ryder; 04-18-2014, 08:30 PM.

  • Real Razor
    There are some problems in this article.

    "I have helped establish how to determine the adrenaline cost of your finisher (20 to 25 x ag)"

    There are other formulas too regarding this and those formulas also have proper logic behind them.

    However I would say for newbie the only guide that will be helpful to learn about finishers is Madam Snapshot's finisher guide.

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  • Hida Kozan
    I feel like some of the information you've provided is misleading John.
    You stated at the beginning that Grounded fins hit more often, but depending on your move set that's not the case at all. Some people may fins in Groggy that hit more because their move set sends them to Groggy instead of grounded. Your move set should dictate where you place your fin imo.
    Also, what's the advantage of having a value of 1 in your fin as well? A 1 value does nothing for you in the long run. Unless you plan reseting your fin as your ADG goes up, that 1 value will come to haunt you when you reach higher fin levels.
    Your info on SB and SD is a little outdated as well. The only time SD would increase your SB is when you've already depleted your opponents HP/Stam/Dr and you've put them into negative stats. SB is essential to making people scream. If you don't do enough initial damage your 1 SB won't do much.

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  • John Ryder
    Finished Fixing it up. If anyone else has more info that has not been covered here just let me know, I would like to include it to make this as comprehensive as possible

    Alternatively, if this has helped you in anyway, go on ahead and give this thread a "Like" :)

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