Tier 1

First Blood
Triple Threat

The poll is expired.

Hello all! Yeah. So, you get to pick any of the 3 match types for next month's events. The ones which are 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be used to determine the amount of matches. (eg. if LMS came first, it'd get 180, Ironman came 2nd it'd get 120 etc.) The 3 (because One Fall is a regular and will not be changed) that is picked for the first month cannot be picked for the second month unfortunately. Tier 1 would include: Triple Threat, Submission, Last Man Standing and First Blood. Tier 2 will include: Ladder, I Quit, Hardcore, Last Ride, Casket and 3 Way Dance. Tier 3 would include: Ironman, Ultimate Submission, Buried Alive, Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell, Last Blood, Ambulance and 2/3 Submission. The highest voted in each tier shall be included in next month's events. Also, the one with the most votes gets 180, 120 etc. Also, only one high execution match will be allowed per month. So, what match would you prefer? Its up to you if you want to explain why..

Thanks to Anne who have explained everything above and helped creating these polls!