Welcome to the official TWG signups for NCAA March Madness 2013 Bracket Challenge. The rules are simple, on March 17th, when the brackets are announced, you head over to http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-...&entryID=45305 to predict how you think the bracket is going to end up looking like. You'll need an ESPN account, and is free to sign up for.

Key information:
You do NOT need any knowledge of college basketball to win, everyone has an equal chance to win
Brackets will be announced on March 17th, and will be able to be filled out that night (EST)
You fill it out once, and you won't need to touch it again
It MUST be filled by March 20th
#1 is the high seed, #16 is the low seed
A #16 seed has never defeated a #1 seed. (for those unfamiliar with the NCAA Tourney)
For more research: http://www.cbssports.com/collegebask...nament/history
Each round you get more points per correct answer. Tie breaker will be chosen by the closest score prediction for the title game

The top 3 brackets will get a TP prize.
1st place: 20 TP's
2nd place: 15 TP's
3rd place 10 TP's

After you join the group, come back March 17th or 18th to fill out the brackets at
the password is: KingFoW

1 entry per person
You MUST name your entry in the following manner " (Wrestlers Name of who you want to win the TP's) - (Server of the wrestler)"
Your ESPN name can be whatever you choose, as long as it's appropriate.
For example, my entry will be "King FoW - S2"
Use World for the world server

This is not to be confused for the Bracket Challenge located in FoW's bios on all servers. That is an FoW-Sponsored challenge, this is a TWG-sponsored challenge.