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  • Money in the bank 2015 wrestling predictions - for fun -

    Like the title says It is mainly for fun and I am very curious to see who you all think will win.

    Nikki bell vs Paige = Paige wins to be come to the new divas champion.
    Cena vs Owners = Cena wins this one leading to a third fight to break the tie.
    R-truth vs King barrett = King Barrett wins
    New day vs prime time players = New day wins
    Ryback vs big show = Ryback wins to retain his belt
    Money in the bank ladder match = Roman Reigns winning the brief case this time around
    Seth rollins vs Dean ambrose = Dean ambrose beats seth rollins to win the wwe world heavy weight champion until you hear roman reigns music hit and he cashes in on his former shield brother to screw him out of the title to lead to an amazing feud between the 2

    Those are my predictions what about you?

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    Same as above except for 2:

    I think PTP will beat the new day because they have been getting a lot of attention recently

    And I think Seth will retain until Summerslam where he will face Lesnar in a rematch and Roman will use the briefcase during or after the match to win the title :P