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  • Pre Summerslam Discussion and Reactions

    Well, as we all know, the biggest party of the summer is on its way, and one of the main event matches is the match which puts the 15 time World Champion and current United States Champion John Cena against Former Mr. Money in the Bank and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for both the World Championship and the US Championship. As some of you may know, im not really a fan of John Cena and as you may know, I predicted Seth Rollins to win that match. Now some of you may now be wondering 'C, why did you pick Seth Rollins?' Well, the answer to that is that its just not time for John Cena to be a 16 time World Champion, I mean, I would have thought that WWE may wait until Wrestlemania for John Cena to achieve that feat and I will be very annoyed if Cena won that match.

    Anyway, another match is the match between the man who is 22-1 at the Grandest Stage Of Them All, The Undertaker against the man who is responsible for the 1 in that streak, Brock Lesnar, I picked Undertaker to win that match, and then again, that's another strange pick, but the method in the madness is that Undertaker gets injured every 2 matches and Undertaker is nearing retirement so i think he'll win this match and then retire at Wrestlemania.

    And last but not least, is the tag match which puts King Barrett and Stardust against Neville and Stephen Amell, well, its obvious that Amell and Neville will win, so i aint gonna blabber on about that, anyway, i think I've said everything i need to say, if you have anything else you would like to talk about, then drop it in the comments below and lets talk about this together.