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  • Introducing Franklin Dogwood

    A fit young man in standard short wrestling tights is centered in the shaky camera. Around is neck he sports a white collar and a simple black bowtie.
    "Hello, wrestling world." He says with the sound of an american pretending to be an english aristocrat "My name is Franklin Dogwood." He smirks, showing a portion of his too perfect teeth. "I have been all over this great country. From the east coast, to the west, from the winters of twin cities of Minnesota to the summers of the swamps of Louisiana. I have known both wealthy, in my youth, desperately in poverty of the last few years." He pauses, his cocky smirk never leaving his face. "I follow a simple strategy. Be better then everyone else." He raises his left hand, a taped wrist wrapped only twice around his palm, "I will pin you, I will make you tap, I will win."
    He straightens his bowtie. "I am Franklin Dogwood, follow me on twitter, reblog me on tumblr, but most importantly, watch me dominate the world of wrestling."
    His smile widens and with a simple nod he walks off screen.