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  • New Beginnings...

    Jam Boss: "Don D'ele climbs to the top rope, spreads his arms and soars through the air planting his elbow squarely on his opponent's forehead. Death from Above!!!"

    Terry Brawler: "My God Jam, this one must be over!"

    The referee counts one....two....three

    Jam Boss: "Well this one is over Terry."

    Terry Brawler: "Sure is Boss, sure is. Wait a minute, D'ele is asking for a mic."


    Don D'ele: "Ladies and gentlemen, once again I...Don D'ele have proven to be too good for you."

    Crowd boos, jeers, hisses, etc

    Don D'ele: "Oh the feeling is mutual, I don't like you either. Two hundred and seventyfour of you crammed into this dive of a venue and not one of you do I like!"

    Don's eyes move to the redhead in the third row

    Don D'ele: "...except you perhaps?"

    She shakes her head, Don shrugs and continues

    Don D'ele: "For two years now I have performed for you all. Yes that's right, not fought, not wrestled, performed. I entertained you, I put on a show, a clinic, a masterclass and what do I get in return? I get boos. I get jeers. I get nothing from you."

    Terry Brawler: "I'm close to jeering myself right now."

    Jam Boss: "Quiet Terry, he's not finished yet."

    Don D'ele: "Two years ago I started here. The roster had remained the same bland bunch as when I watched as a child. The format was the same bland format I watched as a child. The audience was the same bland fifty people I watched with as a child."

    Don pauses and soaks in the atmosphere before continuing

    Don D'ele: "Things changed then. I opened up the first event and also opened the eyes of those in attendance. They realised then what entertainment was. They realised that I was what they were missing. The next event had a larger audience, the next was larger still. The audience bred like the maggots you are until, I was selling out this dilapidated building every show. Yet one thing never changed whilst I was changing your lives.

    No matter how much I was entertaining you, wowing you, putting my body on the line for you, you never stopped booing. I won the New Year's Rumble, you booed. I climbed the ladder at Spring Slam, you booed. I destroyed your champion at Summer Slaughter, you booed. I beat every opponent that was put in front of me, every damn one and what did I get every time?


    Terry Brawler: "Well, I'm still tempted to start booing Jam."

    Don D'ele: "No more. No more. No more. This the last time I will be here. My contract is up, my obligations fulfilled. You can keep your boos. You can keep your jeers. You can have your belt back...I don't want it, I don't need it. Don D'ele is entertaining offers from all interested parties."

    Don drops the mic, looks at the belt, drops it and leaves the ring to his theme.

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