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  • Argue RP Sample

    *The crowd is looking to the big screen*

    *They see JAMESANDERSON walking backstage*

    *He looks at the camera and starts to talk*

    JAMESANDERSON: Can I have a bit of your time?

    Crowd: Yeeeees!

    JAMESANDERSON: Allright, i’ll make my way to the ring.

    *JAMESANDERSON is running backstage to get tot he ring*

    *Suddenly a stranger tackles JAMESANDERSON*

    JAMESANDERSON: Hey, who are you and why did you do that?

    Stranger: I’m MagicMealz. And i tackled you because i want the crowd to know something

    *JAMESANDERSON interups MagicMealz*

    JAMESANDERSON: What do they have to know? You don’t seem like a nice person to me

    MagicMealz: When did I tell you i wanted to be a nice person?

    *Nobody talks for a few seconds*

    MagicMealz: That’s what i thought, I never did. So where was I?

    JAMESANDERSON: You wanted to tell the crowd something…

    MagicMealz: Oh that’s right, i wanted to tell the crowd that i will become a star.

    *The crowd starts booing*

    JAMESANDERSON: How are you planning to do that, when the crowd isn’t behind you?

    MagicMealz: I will proove you wrong, when can I fight you?

    JAMESANDERSON: Not this show, maybe next one?

    *The crowd is confused*

    MagicMealz: Hmm, I thought you wouldn’t accept the challenge, but next week is okay.

    JAMESANDERSON: I’m not afraid of your badboy talks.

    MagicMealz: You will be afraid after the match.

    JAMESANDERSON: We’ll see but I have to do more important things now.

    *MagicMealz has a smile on his face*

    MagicMealz: Okay I guess i’ll see you next week.

    *The camera fades in on MagicMealz who’s walking away*

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