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  • Life and The Apple

    Alright, so I really treasure this RP as it was my character's all new look and the RP I wrote for AXN's opening. Not a lot of colours, bold etc because I format the RPs as I put them in the show. So apologies for that.


    The Camera comes to colour and the beautiful city of New York is seen, full of energy and enthusiasm, an international cultural hub, bringing together the finest in the world. The Camera slowly pans showing almost all of New York. Suddenly the gigantic home of X-Entertainment comes to view....the Wrestledome! Hosting AXN tonight, it is biggest sports arena in all of USA, Madison Square Garden appearing to be a small something. Located right in the outskirts of New York City, it is an arena to the two biggest and newest shows, and the company which owns them, X-Entertainment, and AXN and BWF.

    The Camera has been zooming in for some time, it is an aerial view, and finally it focuses in a black Mercedes, after travelling for a few moments on the road; taking a some turns here and there, sleek and elegant. Precise in it’s directions and movement. It finally enters through Gate No. 14 and pulls up next to the back exit.

    It is an extremely cloudy and windy night, the moonlight is almost non-existent. There aren’t any streetlights near the back exit; it’s all just a peaceful park full of trees for shade and everything, to intensify the beauty.The back half of the Wrestledome was built in a traditional American fashion and is open for the public 24/7 All days except Friday, Saturday and Sunday due to the X-Entertainment shows.

    The camera switches to a location on the ground, and the dazzling lights in the expensive Mercedes turn themselves off. A few seconds later a tall dark figure exits the car, his blonde-black hair and his strong facial features are somehow visible. Although not recognising who the person is, the fans seated in the Arena let out a cheer, which shakes through the arena but is faintly heard where this figure is standing.

    He puts his hands on his waist and breathes in the rich air, then he grins...a famous grin in all of wrestling entertainment...unique to only one talented young wrestler. He says one word which leaves the crowd in a frenzy.

    Figure: “Ahh...Home.”

    He enters the arena and walks briskly, the camera close behind. It starts getting brighter as he walks through the deserted corridor due to the lights on the ceiling. The light just bounces of his dazzling hair. He makes a few turns and enters an even larger and better lit corridor. He can be seen wearing black Nike shoes with white soles, a pair of jeans; the dark blue sort, and a sharp black coat, expensive and suave. Now a few members of the staff can be seen running around busy with their own work. A couple of electricians stop dead in their tracks and stare at him, almost forgetting the heavy boxes they’re holding in their hands. They get ignored by the figure. The electricians are left perplexed and exchanging puzzled glances with each other. He continues to swagger with style till he reaches his destination: A Door, he stops. Takes in a deep breath and knocks on it.

    Voice: “Come in.”

    The Person closes the door (the camera momentarily catching a quick glimpse of a serious face) behind him and the name of the man with the serious face can be seen written under the room’s name itself. It reads:

    Shepherd Blue

    The camera now comes to a location inside the spacious Office, where Shepherd Blue sits behind the cluttered but huge mahogany desk with a devious smile. He leans forward from his chair, his facial features completely visible under the light of his lamp. He speaks.

    Shepherd Blue: “Good Evening- isn’t it?”

    The camera zooms on the figure at last. It’s Jonathan Henderson, the All American Nightmare. Better known as the American Prodigy, Johnnie Zero. His white ‘Zero or Nothing’ T-Shirt is now visible. Possibly the most talented and naturally gifted wrestler in X-Entertainment. His last run with an extreme wrestling company was full of wins, championships, and contract matches- his specialty. He had retired several wrestlers off that show in dangerous stipulations. He likes to put himself and his career on the life. Johnnie Zero is a clear example of how a person can live on the literal ‘edge’ and be a massive success. His callous behaviour and a sudden transformation into a no-nonsense, top of the ladder beast was the reason he had to leave his previous show.

    Apparently he was a bad influence. He left of his own volition. He stands there, grinning, looking down at Shepherd with his hands on his waist again.

    Johnnie walks up to the desk completely ignoring Shepherd’s pleasantries and picks up a big juicy green apple. He throws it up in the air and catches it. Then plonks himself on one of the armchairs seated in front of Shepherd’s desk. He takes a quick bite from the apple and waves a finger around pointing to random things, then after chewing and swallowing down the apple, he points at Shepherd briefly and continues to wave his finger about.

    Johnnie: “It is, It is, boy, I needed that bite. I like what you've done with the place”

    Shepherd lets out a smile. He simply can’t resist flattery, but knows when it’s fake.

    Johnnie: “The architecture, the furniture, everything. Traditional American. Simple. Classic. Elegant. You have decent taste, Chef.”

    Shepherd or ‘Chef’ acknowledges with a nod.

    Chef: “Get to the point.”

    Johnnie raises an eye brow and smiles. He takes his coat off and lays it on the chair next to him. He takes another bite of the apple, chews and continues.

    Johnnie: “You know, I know, I am the best. That’s not what I’m going to say. Anyone can say it, run their mouths, just another good for nothing mediocre piece of filth. You see, that’s the point. That is the issue at hand.”

    Johnnie gets rather serious now, and starts making multiple gestures, with his green eyes determined. Shepherd raises an eyebrow now.

    Johnnie: “Every time! That is why people fail! Do not do something you can’t. Do not claim something you aren’t. If you’re mediocre...don’t try to improve, because that is who you are!”

    Johnnie lets out a small laugh

    Johnnie: “Nothing can cure a person’s mediocrity, it is built into them, somehow a disease...incurable, inescapable. It will be the reason for your demise. People THINK they are so damn awesome and the best and all that nonsense people know isn’t true. They lie to themselves. Why? Why, may I ask?”

    Chef: “Uh...”

    Johnnie: “Exactly! Ignorance. You’re mediocre, you’re ignorant. You’re ignorant, you’re mediocre. BAM! And that’s the way life works. Now let me tell you what LIFE REALLY is. You get crushed and eaten and digested by someone who is more mediocre and ignorant. And that is the way the cycle works. The one who knows the most. Wins. Simple as that, it does not matter if you’re a chunk of muscle or whatever people think wrestlers are defined as...sure, it helps, but only in intimidating your opponent. It is how you apply your skills.

    Chef: “I must say this is rather interesting, but--”

    Johnnie: “Alright.”

    Johnnie looks around himself, ecstatic and full of energy, almost like a little child. He finally brings his half eaten apple to view.

    Johnnie: “Take this apple for example. You see it?”

    Chef shakes his head so quick it’s almost as if he was vibrating, and he puts his hand up.

    Chef: “I mean it’s right there. What does it represent--“

    Johnnie: “Good. You see it then. If I offer you this half eaten apple, would you eat it? Would you eat a fully eaten apple?”

    Chef seems repulsed by this idea.

    Chef: “GOD NO! What the--“

    Johnnie: “Exactly. No one likes things half eaten. Or half cooked. Or things which are in between. Or things which are--“

    Johnnie pauses and makes an expression in which Chef is expected to answer.

    Chef: “Mediocre.”

    Johnnie: “Bingo, you got it. There, now you understand.”

    Chef seems impressed by Johnnie’s thoughts and content with understanding what life is about. He smiles to himself blissfully but suddenly an important thought strikes his head.

    Chef: “But what does this have to do with you and you wrestling in X-Entertainment?”

    Johnnie tilts his head and scratches his magnificent hair and grins the biggest grin since his appearance. He finally replies after a long pause.

    Johnnie: “Not a god damn thing.”

    Johnnie smiles as there is a puzzled expression on Chef’s face.

    Johnnie: “Similar to what you can do about me being in this show.”

    Chef seems flustered and his face seems as if it’s going to burst. He never gets played. He walked right into Johnnie’s long weird story about life. Now he is not in a position to say a thing. Johnnie gets up with a malevolent smile, looks at the fully eaten Apple, and speaks.

    Johnnie: “Oh, and as to your earlier unanswered question, this apple represents anyone or anything which tries to gets in my way.”

    Johnnie walks up to the rubbish bin in the corner of the room, and throws the apple in. He picks up his coat, wears it. And then walks up to the door, opening it. He pauses, and says one word.

    Johnnie: “Finished.”

    He gently closes the door leaving Shepherd Blue.

    Camera fades to black.

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    This is a very good post which I really enjoy reading. It is not every day that I have the possibility to see something like this.


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      very intriguing conversation above...just joined up...the place looks deserted but a lot to learn from the threads though | | | | |