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  • After Hours - The Second Inter-Fed Extravaganza!

    Name of Federation : After Hours

    Week Of Show : It aired (if I recall correctly) on September 21st, 2015 Since this wasn't an Official TWG show, it's not saved in the archives.

    Link To Show :

    Server : Server 1's federations took part, but it is located not on TWG servers.


    Synopsis : The show begins with the appearance of some of the very major players in tonight's show, complete with foreshadowing! It's never exactly mentioned WHY everyone is here, but it's a sold out show with many of the biggest stars of Server 1's Federation scene showing up to showcase themselves. Between brief feuds, a couple grudge matches, and some quality match writing, we discover that a shadowy group plotted to destroy the arena and many of Server 1's best fighters with it. While everyone survives, what will happen next time in Battle On Humanity. Also, they threaten to blow up every arena in England. *shrug*

    People to look out for : This isn't your typical federation, so there's a number of stars here to take real note of. First, Joe Bow for taking the reigns on a production like this. If his upcoming fed is even a third as structured as this, it's going to be a top 3 show in no time. Vince Noir and Harris Dandiprat did their federation, OCW Old School, very proud with a story lead up and eventual well story told match. Maria Lancelot and Omen had a pretty decent showing as well, and since I had personally never heard of either of them, I look forward to seeing their careers here in TWG. The Immortal Arkken continues to impress me (and that takes effort). The Noah/Sasori storyline had mostly existed in chat, but with an excellent showing from both writers, I'd have personally given the edge to Sasori. (Then again, I'm not the booker, so what do I know?) Basically, everyone in the OCW Team match deserves a looking at, with Haka Mutalanu, Zack Fantana, and Cody getting my nods from each of those teams specifically. There's a reason that match had been placed last for the Main Event, and it certainly lived up to the expectation. How could I forget The Blood Imbruer? He uses a fork.

    Opinion on show : A little disjointed in that there's no specific call to why everyone's come together, but that's just nitpicky. The matches, by and large, were excellent to read and many of the RP's were a delight to read as well. I hope a lot of this carries over into either future Interfederation shows AND back to the characters home shows. Any push here was completely deserved, and all participants, regardless of outcomes, should be proud of their work.


    Points of Improvement : I think the only real thing I'd want worked on would be a unifying theme on why everyone is there other than 'gettin' paid'. Although, honestly, that's not exactly a bad reason either. Also, Battle For Humanity will likely solve this very concern by having a reason the X people who go are put into the ring. Very smart.

    Things I'm looking forward to seeing happen : I'm more interested to see how these matches will affect the people in their feds coming up. I know (as of this writing) that fed shows aren't set to air for another few months, I hope little shows like these keep the RP'ers RPing and just showing us all why TWG is such a great place to collaborate.

    Entertainment Rating : (1-5) 4

    Editing Rating : (1-5) 5

    Creativity Rating : (1-5) 3

    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.

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    always getting robbed!=)


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      Nice one Snaps! Looks like a fair review! It's a good thing the lad Sas is selfless and enjoys putting everyone over so much! Such a nice person!


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        Putting people over is a dying art few ever do it