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  • WoD! Presents : Sin (October 19, 2015)

    Full disclosure : I have written a small and insignificant part in this show. Thankfully it doesn't take any spotlight away from the real people who made this show a reality.

    Name of Federation : Wrestle Or Die!

    Week Of Show : We're still in the off season between TWG Engines, but it originally aired October 19th 2015

    Link To Show :

    Server : Server 1


    Synopsis : Wrestle Or Die! has come in to save Tuesday Night Takeover from imploding upon itself. With firm leadership and reverence to the Almighty Dollar, Jester brings together people from both within and without to put on a spectacle to put asses in the seats and get the wrestlers from TNT and a few other selected federations to do what they do best. Kick the crap out of each other. Witness the beginning of a new federation, born from the ashes of a dying one... and one other long dead one, to become something greater than both.

    People to look out for : In no particular order, Deathblow, Fernandmg, Immacolata, Hannah Robson, Diamond Sky, Deathblow, Bobby Franchise, The Raggedy Man, SM Heartbreaker, and of course Jester Of Justice. Oh, and Deathblow again.

    Opinion on show : This was an action packed show that both showed us why they got together, but also why this crew of misfits is going to get along just fine by tearing each other apart. It started fast and never let up. If you're interested in seeing where WoD! and TNT are going to be heading together, get in on the ground floor and watch this show. You will not (likely) regret it.


    Points of Improvement : I imagine there had been quite a few hands writing matches for this show, which would explain why they were all formatted very differently. Some used color, some bolded things, one even used the TWG match engine as a base. I'd have preferred to see consistency between the fight styles, but that's a small gripe when the caliber of each of those matches were top notch.

    Things I'm looking forward to seeing happen : Between the WoD! World Takeover Championship being set up with the champ against two other contenders, Fernandmg and his quest for glory, and The Expert Experting things, they've got a lot to grow with and I look forward to seeing it every week when the TWG feds go live again.

    Entertainment Rating : 5

    Editing Rating : 3 (See points of improvement)

    Creativity Rating : 4
    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.