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  • Ultimate Universal Wrestling : Nov 11th. 2015

    *** SPECIAL NOTE : This show was created during the technical alpha of our federation systems. I will not be judging in *ANY WAY* formatting. However, spelling and content are still open for review. ***

    Name of Federation : Ultimate Universal Wrestling

    Date Of Show : Nov 11th, 2015

    Link To Show :

    Server : Server 1


    Synopsis : We open with Sandman Jr suffering a heart attack, and leaving control of the federation to Thunder Wolffer. A fight for the career of Touliver vs. Darkwolf gets revealed! As they battle, Sandman Jr shows up with his posse and starts things against Thunder Wolffer and his crew. Touliver actually signs with UUW. SM Heartbreaker (A GM of wXw, a rival federation) appears to mock the state of affairs in UUW, with his intent to buy UUW cheaply. Foiled by Thunder! Darkwolf confronts with dynamite, but he... doesn't use it. Boo!

    People to look out for : Touliver had a STRONG presence, and I look forward to seeing how SM Heartbreaker continues his campaign to buy UUW for the cheap.

    Opinion on show : It was rough, but showed promise. A few pieces needed better editing ( Well because it’s a unrecognized match, so basically [insert name here] is still in contract, and Touliver is free to sign a contract with UUW.), but there's clearly a faction or two vying for dominance and a rival fed looking like a vulture to scoop up the remains. I can't comment on the matches, as (in this build) I don't know if they were truly editable for content or commentary.


    Points of Improvement : Closer attention to the RP's would be nice, as "insert wrestler here' should never have made it to air. I know there's a lot of acronyms, but I'd like to have them actually said in full for those of us who haven't seen all the shows yet. Maybe not all the time, but at least once per show you plan on using it.

    Things I'm looking forward to seeing happen : I look forward to seeing if one of those two factions pick up on the new heat that is Touliver, or if he's a plant from SM. Who knows?! Possibilities for RP are wide open.

    Entertainment Rating : 3

    Editing Rating : 2

    Creativity Rating : 3
    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.