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  • OCW Old School : November 13th 2015

    *** SPECIAL NOTE : This was created during what I consider the Technical Alpha of our federation system. Because the system isn't fully completed yet, I will try not to judge on things I think are beyond the GM's control to solve. Formatting and potentially segment ordering may have been affected in this review. Also, full disclosure, I have an alt in this federation.***

    Name of Federation : OCW Old School

    Date Of Show : November 13th, 2015

    Link To Show :


    Synopsis : A power struggle between J.D. and Vince Noir starts us off as a new theme has been revealed, Fight Club. Vince also seems content to pick a fight with his 'parent federation' OCW. Which makes sense, who wants to be #2? Kenny Osborne talks a good game against Lily Monche, but receives a fitting reward for his time (despite her never showing up). Cody gets a flattery session from J.D. Harris Dandiprat (The Immaculate Champion) and Cody (The Futures Champion) both let the world know that they're open for a fight with a worthy foe. Jay Thorn and Pitbull pick a fight with Jeremy Alsop (The GM of OCW) for a shot at the Interfed Tag Championship.

    People to look out for : Obviously Vince and J.D. have a lot going for them, but Cody and Harris have a smooth character to them I enjoy reading. Top four, no doubt.

    Opinion on show : It started with the promise of only being a few matches, but all in all it was far more polished than I thought it'd be. Text formatting notwithstanding, as that's clearly out of their control. I can't wait to see what happens when the full roster starts putting their work in.


    Points of Improvement : Spell checking was a bigger concern early on, but as the show went on later and later, they grew fewer and fewer.

    Things I'm looking forward to seeing happen : Will someone take on Cody or Harris for their titles? Will Jay Thorn and Pitbull prove themselves to be worthy of a shot at Tag gold? How does Vince plan to overthrow J.D.? How does J.D. plan on dealing with Vince?

    Entertainment Rating : 3

    Editing Rating : 3

    Creativity Rating : 3
    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.