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  • Total Wrestling Talent : Rockfist Pilotshow November 15th, 2015

    ** SPECIAL NOTE : This show had been prepared during what I call the Technical Alpha of the Federation update. I will not be judging anything based on formatting or graphical setups, as these features may not have been available (and thus would be unfair to judge based on them) at the time of posting. **

    Name of Federation : Total Wrestling Talent

    Date Of Show : November 15th, 2015

    Link To Show :


    Synopsis : Joe Bow and his crew just basically ran through the rehearsal for a future show, with matches exhibited but with no actual storyline significance.

    People to look out for : It's... hard to say? From this episode, no one.

    Opinion on show : It was a test for the fed. No real RP aside from a message from the GM saying exactly what the show was. I suspect the next show or two will get more into the swing of role plays and works like that.


    Points of Improvement : It's impossible to point out flaws of things that did not exist. This will likely have better and more meaningful relevance when more of the content gets displayed.

    Things I'm looking forward to seeing happen : Literally everything.

    Entertainment Rating : 1

    Editing Rating : 4 (Hey, it was edited just fine.)

    Creativity Rating : 1
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