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  • Carnage Out Of Ring : November 21st 2015

    Name of Federation : Carnage Out Of Ring

    Date Of Show : November 21st, 2015

    Link To Show :


    Synopsis : Ok. I'm not going to lie. This may be my new favorite show. At least, it is as of this writing anyway. None of that Wrestling stuff, no pointless rivalries. The best synopsis I can give of this episode without completely spoiling it is this. 'One man's journey to acquire that thing he desires most leads him down a different path than you might expect. The outcome has consequences for years to come.'

    People to look out for : Repo Man. Oh yeah.

    Opinion on show : Ok, first and foremost, if you're in for a 'real wrestling show', just no. This isn't it. The fact that it's on TWG is as CLOSE to wrestling as it gets. That said, I am an enormous fan now and eagerly look forward to what happens next on this show.


    Points of Improvement : Considering this is my first viewing of this show, I'm not sure I'm qualified to give solutions to problems I can't see yet.

    Things I'm looking forward to seeing happen : What happens next? I mean... That's a pretty big thing that happened, and if the the show follows this individual, I wonder how the others would fit in afterwards.

    Entertainment Rating : 4

    Editing Rating : 4

    Creativity Rating : 4
    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.