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  • TWG Super Show!

    The top guys. The best RPers. No fillers and no catches.

    Everyone can remain loyal to their current Feds, yet compete against the best at the same time...

    Sound too good to be true?

    Apparently not. What if we were to see the top 40 or 50 or however many of the best RPers all compete under the same roof, perhaps in rumble once in a while or some thing of that ilk. What if we were to crown a TWG Champion.

    It seems possible this could happen.

    A set of shows running in parallel to the regular federation season but not restricted by the same deadlines. Something we can do as we please when it suits.

    Let's get this started.
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    This should happen! Somebody do it!


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      This is a great idea. A federation full of active and good RPers surely makes people feel like writing the best RPs.

      A question, though.

      The super federation would need a GM, would it not? Well, who would be the one?

      Because y'know, it's not going to be easy to keep 40 to 50 ACTIVE Rpers happy. Not everyone wins. How would the match booking work?


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        I am more inclined to think that maybe an allstar show would work better. Maybe like a rumble match or something along those lines. Asking Feds to quit and do one big show likely wont work. That being said lets keep the discussion open and positive. Any negative posts will be removed. This is not a discussion about why it wont work.


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          So here's my idea for all this.

          Each GM selects 2-4 people from their fed, they then put together a segment showing matches and rp's from those selected few. A list will be put together of all selections for the GM's and selected roster members to view, this way they can see who all is involved and do a collab with them, this allows for fed interaction as well as diversity, also it allows us to do a super segment where we could have most or all guys in one segment each boasting and promoting their fed, anything thats just an example. They then would submit it to the GML who was putting the show all together, the segments would go from the lowest fed first all the way to highest ranked fed at last, we'd choose the best graphics person in twg ex. joj or tia and they would make all the cards, the bg's everything to be inserted into the show. The shows get all put together and boom we have the twg Wrestlemania, it happens once a year or maybe every 6 months.

          Now the question of how do we do this? Simple!
          1. The GM selects his/her choices submits them to GML
          2. GML compiles a list of all fed selections to then be sent to GM's who will then Global that Pm to their roster or just those who were selected
          3. GM puts together his/her segment with the rp's and matches from the ones chosen.
          4. In the GM tab there should be an area to submit it to the GML
          5. GML receives it, puts it in it's right order (based on fed ranking)
          6. All GM's turn in their segments, the show gets put together
          7. GML clicks confirm, we all sit back and enjoy.

          How we choose the gfx person?

          All who are interested need only put together a template set then send it to the GML. The GML's along with the GM's will vote for the ones they like the one with the highest votes will be chosen as the person who will design the show. To avoid favoritism the submissions will not have names with them so GM's wont be able to pick someone from their own roster. The person will then receive the wrestler images from the GM's or people selected and put the show together in terms of look, submit them to the GML and will be inserted into the show from the GML or the gfx person could have like a VGM tab and put them in themselves.

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            Good idea Dman. Kind of a showcase show that features a spot from each of the feds.


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              I like D-Man's idea of it being like a few times a year, it would make it feel more special! Could do events around The Big Four of WWE, so a Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series maybe with shows leading up to them!


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                So basically each fed would submit rps and matches that represent their show and they would only be seen on this super show.

                If it Survivor Series theme then each Fed sends a match in that style with rps and such.
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                  I wasn't saying a fed. Merely a one off show done every so basically what you guys have said. A super show featuring content from all the Feds, separated from each other by headers, would only go halfway to achieving the purpose of this show I believe. Surely we want integration from all Feds, so for example we can see a guy from SWF interacting with someone from APW, as we would otherwise never have the chance to see this.

                  A "PPV" every 3 months like the big four would be a good scheduling. But aside from the Rumble match, other matches would be difficult to come up with in order to have everyone being mixed in a competition pool. Perhaps a King of the Ring PPV? Person gets King in chat and a special colour :O. King Mauler!? BOOK IT!
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                    Mauler what you said about fed interaction is included in my idea, we dont want everyone just sticking to their respective shows, they can if they want to, but ultimately they should be interacting with one another whether it be good or bad (in kayfabe of course)


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                      I think the only way it will work is if we have themed shows. Like say Survivor Series, Royal Rumble or whatever. Then all GMs interested would put together rps and a match that they could send to the GML for entry into the show. These matches and rps would only be seen on the Super Show. Expecting interaction in the early stages might not be a realistic goal. The more this grows then of course it can be expanded on.


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                        First themed show coming up in 5 weeks with War Games! Wooo! What day and time should it air?! :O

                        EDIT: Have been told it will be airing on TMG Tuesday Night Takeover!
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                          Now War Games is set to take place during the off-season, making it a super special event!!!