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  • Romero vs Kennedy - Result to be overturned?

    Romero vs Kennedy at UFC 178 ended in controversy. Romero got hurt and saved by the bell in round two, bringing in desperate cornermen for the break. How desperate? Well, after the 1 minute had passed, they left the octagon without bringing the stool (intentional). In addition to this, Romero's cuts had way too much vaseline. This lead to a full 29 seconds extra rest where the groggy Romero sat still recovering, resulting in an early round 3 finish for the Cuban.

    According to the NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission) rule 467.728: "If an unarmed combatant fails or refuses to resume competing when the bell sounds signaling the commencement of the next round, the referee shall award a decision of technical knockout to his or her opponent"

    Kennedy will most likely send a formal complaint to the NAC about the situation and the it could become quite interesting to see the result. Should the NAC rule in favor of Romero or Kennedy? Should they over rule the decision and make it a No Contest? One way or the other, I doubt both fighters will have a happy ending.