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  • Stable EC


    thanks for the EC stable feature! However, I see this could be easily abused. I was in a EC stable tournament lvl 10-15, however there were some lvl 20 wrestlers, that were obviously signed in by a lvl 11 stable member. this totally breaks the tiers that should give every stable a fair chance. to sign in a stable EC the highest lvl of all stable members should count for every wrestler in that stable. otherwise the tier feature is about to be useless.


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    Thank you for reporting this Lithium. This was indeed fixed yesterday, and you'll no longer see it happen in future ECs.


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      Level differences don't mean much. My stable has managed to win 2/3 EC stable matches that we've entered, even though we're definitely not the top levelled wrestlers that are participating.



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        i think instead of it being in level tiers, it should be in stable ranking tiers


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          So some things:

          1.) It seems extremely easy for stable ec's to end with a solo person getting in the match for the team and being eliminated. (sure, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and all... but...) A reworking to make more damaged teammates tag out/at least attempt to when not being the one attacked would theoretically make it better and you'd still benefit from being closest to max level of the ec's range... but you wouldn't be punished as badly for having a lower ranged person in your stable.

          2.) Seems the XP is bugged for paying out... giving 15k instead of 1.5k it's advertised as... that being said, honestly that's actually pretty good for it to be honest, maybe nerfed slightly to to 10k, or it scales upwards by tier... but with the reward being high for now, there's actually reason to invest in normal stable matches to get the tickets for the ec's.

          Really, at least as it can be seen on s3's mid tier (11-15), they only fill up once every ~5 days or so, so quite frankly they're a less "guranteed" weekly event (well, 1/6th as guranteed). Maybe if it's more exploitable on other servers/other ranges, I guess make it so it's only 5k xp or so.

          Ec's being high risk, high reward (in match, and in the game proper) makes poetic sense and 1.5k seems rather low for something that seems rather difficult to fill up in the lower levels...

          Tangentially related:

          Will we be seeing EC's + Tag EC's following this same formula (tickets invested, instead of tps?) and if so, assumedly single fall variations will be once every... 1% of match drop chance?


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            How do you actually use the tickets? On launch day there was a blurb about how to use them but that's gone now. I've gotten several tickets but have no idea how to use them.


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              Use of the tickets are done under the Wrestler -> Stable -> Tournament section.
              It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.


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                Thanks Madam. That information is nowhere to be found on the server tbh so I can see others asking the same thing.