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  • Question: Second Retirement

    FIrst things first! Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Germany. But no body at the German server is able to answer my question....

    What do I get for the second retirement?

    Do I get 2% of my FEs and EXP or just 1%?

    Do I get 10 more matches to stack or just 5?

    Do I get more free moves?

    Is the only differents between "First Retirement" and "Second Retirement" the third class?

    I hope somebody can answer this question :)

  • #2
    You get 1% of your current wrestler's experience, not 2% or an amount from your first wrestler and your second. ONLY 1% from Current.

    If you got into the Hall Of Fame the first time, those rewards are carried with you. If you get into the Hall Of Fame again, you get BOTH rewards.

    As for more free moves, I don't actually have a definitive answer on that. Let me do some more digging and I'll reply to this again with a better answer (unless someone beats me to it)

    It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.


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      Yes, the free moves stack too. My wrestler on S3 gets x4 free move packs.

      Match energy also stacks. My base energy is 20.


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        Welp, now Snap has to get into the hall of fame again to get those 4 free moves and a third class. She's gonna be bananas!
        It only takes 8 hits until you're beaten by a girl.