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  • Achievement Bug

    For the Streak Freak achievement, why don't the streaks from previous levels carry over? Every time I get the next level of the achievement, it acts as though I have one streak.

    Example: I just got the "Get 20 10-win streaks" achievement. So if those streaks carried over, I should be at 60% for the next level (50 streaks). But, no. I am only at 2%, which is one streak. It's like they only count the last streak of the old level toward the new level.

    In point of fact, this is true for each level of the achievement. When I hit the 10 streaks achievement, rather than start me at 50% toward the 20 streak level, it started me at 5%, or one streak.

    Is this intentional, or a bug? Please look into this. Thanks.
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