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  • Good news for the new engine!

    Hello everyone,
    As we get closer to launching the new engine, I felt like I should get involved more with you guys, and post some updates about my progress. As I took over the new engine coding into my hands less than a month ago I came to finish a lot of areas including moves, profile page, TMs and Taunts, achievements, and some other areas.
    From now on, I will be posting updates on a daily or two days basis so Keep an eye out for them to know what to expect from our new and improved game engine.
    This is the first Patch:

    - Added right Clicks on names on chat (Right Click menu includes Challenge, Scout or Message)
    - Added scouting via arena
    - Added first blood match (working)
    - Added submission match (working
    - Added last man standing ( still needs to be fixed. Attacker still attacks while the opponent is getting counted out, and we need to disable it)
    - Added ambulance match;
    - Added I quit
    - Added last ride
    - Fixed images uploading on profile page;
    - Added match types to the profile page;
    - I created an error logger to save all errors you can get, with all data i need, to fix it quickly.

    That's it for now. Next Patch should be up in a day or two

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    New engine update:
    today i didn't implement anything new, but I have optimised a lot of areas:
    - I fixed symbols that used to cause chat problems, now you can post all the symbols you want;
    - Added wrestlers names and pictures on the titan tron display (match Loading);
    - Added catch phrases on titan tron (supporters will be able to edit them)
    - Added victory by points goal in the match (so 2 out of 3 sub is ready)
    - Added victory by point after X turns (ironman is ready)
    - Added victory by "KO" state (last man standing ready)
    I also finished the process to create a team (tag or stable), but you can't do anything else more. I need to finish the invitations/kick commands.
    I also added 2 new variables on teams:
    - affinity: We can ue this to give teams stat bonus overtime as they stick together.
    - exp points: We can use these to buy special stable/tag moves or stats .. etc

    i worked with the other guy on the match response part. Now i have access to the full statistics of the match.
    We also have access to a lot of statistics which can be useful to analyze your builds; like:
    - total moves per position attacks;
    - total moves per position hit landed;
    - successful blocks/dodges
    - cut lvl X;
    - damage done divided by "rank" (damage done by light moves, devastating moves .. etc)
    We can have something like this:
    Op. move: total: 100, hit 73, blocked 12, dodged 5; couterattacked: 10;
    Stunned move: total 22, hit 22
    Cut lvl 1: 11
    Cut lvl 2: 24
    Breath taken(this is a turn where your opponent is stunned and you don't execute any moves in, thus you use it to take a breath and gain some stamina and HP): 22
    Light damage hit :22
    LEGENDARY damage hit: 1


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      Today's update consists mostly of bug fixes, but I added some new things nevertheless: - Tag team added: you can create tag, invite wrestler, remove invite etc. The page design is not finished but the code works. Stables use the same script so you can consider stables half done too. - Match: all single match types are now working. There are a few bugs to fix. For example the referee doesn't bring the wrestlers to the middle of the ring after a point is scored, which is fairly simple to fix. - I can finally get the "match result" data, which helps establish rewards for winning matches .. etc. - Some Match achievements were added - levelling up moves and getting achievements works "in real time" now. So you don't have to go to the moves page, or the achievements page to trigger the progress anymore.