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  • Latest Updates on the New Engine

    Hello everyone,
    If you have been following up with our progress on the new engine, you will see that we've got the engine to a pretty good point that will allow us to implement it on a live server and improve it from there. The first server that will receive the change will be SERVER 2, and that is because server 2 is the least complicated server to work on, thanks to its Fedless nature, and the fact that it has no forced retirement.
    If this transition goes smoothly, then you should expect other servers to get it a couple of weeks after. We still don't know how much time the Federations section will take to create, so I'll have to update you on that later.

    Now to the changes you should expect on the new engine:
    First, We got rid of a lot of redundant, or rather dull features that served little purpose in the players progress. Features that were removed are:

    Global Titles: We're back to level bound titles, and we'll push those later to give them more value.
    Wages: This was a temporary fix for the stat training cost spike we had on s3, but now that statistics are free it serves no purpose.
    Special Matches (Punching Bag .. etc): While this one was quite fun and adds to competition, we feel like its another feature that you tend to forget about often due to its less important role in improving your wrestler.
    Targets: Targets and achievements were pretty much two faces for the same coin. Instead they were no combined into one big achievement sections that will take years to complete.
    Invitationals: I know that this will be a bummer for fed server players, but all invitationals did was widen the gap between the high level players who get top contracts and lower tier players. As to fedless servers, invitationals were just another neglected feature.

    next to this, we have reworked features that no longer work the way they did on the old engine. Features that were affected are:

    Sparring Partner: It's not much of a rework, than a cut down on available masters. There should be a rework on the numbers later to make them more worthwhile.

    Private Gym: Private Gym no longer has a gym price on it, and no longer requires experience to upgrade your stats.

    Special Abilities: these are bound to be changed before we go live. Expect a price reduction and an auto activation of all abilities at the start of your matches instead of a probablity check. (Meaning all special abilities will activate at the start of the match)

    Another thing we have is the match engine changes. As our veterans know, the old engine was clumsy, and it didn't handle changes that well. What this means, is that a lot of statistics were not working the way they were supposed to. The new engine changes will allow for huge opportunities to counter specific builds, and be creative. Affected stats are as follows:

    Pin Opposition: If you ask any player on the game what is the most useless stat on the game, they'll say Pin opposition without thinking twice. That is because, Pin opposition never managed to work the way it was intended to. Pin opposition now can make the difference between winning a match, and losing while you have 50% Health points left.

    Pin Bonus: Pin did work on the old engine quite well at one point, but then it got nerfed (and that's mainly because pin opposition didn't work well) and since then pin became as useless as pin opposition. Well, not any more. Pin has such power now that no serious player will ignore pin opposition in their builds.

    Block and Dodge: You know how similar are those on the current engine? That's no longer the case. Dodge now allows you to attack back when you dodge successfully, but it is quite hard to pull it off, while block is much easier to use, but will only allow you to block one move and your opponent will still carry on with his attack sequence. This change will make you think twice before you mindlessly pick one skill over the other, and stick with it forever.

    We have some other fun changes in store, but those aren't as big as the ones listed above. Such as:
    - New match types that include Tag teams. For now we have: Tornado Tag Match, and Triple Threat Tag Match, but there will be more in the future.
    - Having an energy bar instead of match stacks
    - Being able to do as many tag and stable matches as your energy allows (2 energy for tag and 3 For Stable)
    - Count Outs and Double Count outs are now possible during a normal One Fall match.
    - Referee can get Knocked out.
    - Referee getting distracted (during a tornado match for example, if you pin someone while the referee is judging another pin manuever on the other side of the ring, yours will not count)

    ... and a brand new interactive interface that makes playing the game much more enjoyable!