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  • New Engine: "Server 2" Planned Migration

    Hello Guys,

    We are finally comfortable with where we are on the new engine, and so we will start the first import of S2 database later on this week. If you are not familiar with the new engine, these are some of the most crucial changes it brought to the table:

    Latest updates on the new engine

    How will the migration process work:

    As everyone knows by now, S2 will be the first server to get the new engine. However, we're not gonna just throw it in and hope that all will go well. Instead, it is going to be a 2 Steps process:

    1st step:

    We will import S2 database to a dummy server, where we're gonna test if everything will get imported correctly. S2 users will have 2 wrestlers then. Their original one (which they should keep playing) on the old engine and a new one that they'll have to verify and make sure everything on it was imported successfuly. A link will be provided when the test server is ready.
    This first step will serve to check if the importation process does everything correctly.

    2nd step:

    If the first attempt works as expected, then we will be ready to go live with the new engine. The old engine will be wiped and replaced with the new engine, and a new import of the most recent version of server 2 will take place. At this point, there will no longer be an old engine on server 2 and everyone will be playing on the new engine.

    When will the import happen:

    First step will take place this week, so you should expect it to happen as soon as next wednesday, or as late as friday.

    Second step will depend on how well, the test migration works. If it all goes well, you're looking at a week interval between the test import and the official migration.

    What does this mean to other servers:

    Once Server 2 is in a stable state, and everything works fluently we'll be looking forward to use the new engine on other servers too. World server is a strong Candidate to get it next, and then the Fed servers.

    What will happen to GMs during this transition:

    By now GMs should have been informed that after their current season, they're gonna have a summer break. During which, we will finish all the missing areas on the new engine, and then start developping what I like to Call Federations 2.0

    GMs will get a brand new GM Panel which will reply to all their needs, but we will need your input to create a high-end bug-free GM panel, and federations section in general.

    What will be missing when we first import the new engine to Server 2:

    Most competitions will be missing, such as Tournaments, Leagues, Elimination Chambers, and Events. However, once the new engine is stable the implementation of these parts is gonna be very fast.

    Supporter page will be missing on the test import, but will be available by the time we go live.

    If you notice that other areas are also missing, that is because we're gonna cut some features out of the game for good. You can refer to a list of abondoned features here.

    If I haven't covered any point that is of concern to you then please point that out on the new engine discussions area.